How To Feed Quail: A Beginner’s Guide to Feeding Quail the Correct Quail Feed

Feeding quail is one of the most important aspects of raising quail, besides housing quail. Knowing what to feed your quail and how to feed the quail is essential for keeping your quail healthy. In this quail husbandry guide, we’ll discuss methods of feeding quail; what to feed your quail; how much to feed quail; and what constitutes healthy quail feed ingredients.

One of the most basic elements to understand regarding the practice of feeding quail is that you should not attempt to supplement mixed quail feed too heavily. Commercially mixed quail feed, available from your local poultry feed store, are carefully formulated to provide your quail with the right mix of nutrients and vitamins to keep your quail healthy. Supplementing quail feed with grains, scratch and other food items may change the amount of nutrients your quail are eating.

Before we begin teaching you how to feed quail, you need to know the reasons for which you are raising quail. Quail are fed differently depending upon their purpose. For example, quail breeds raised for meat and consumption are fed quite differently from quail that are being raised for quail breeding or quail eggs. Each type of quail require different types of feed depending largely upon their purpose to the quail farmer.

How to Feed Your Quail Based Upon the Age of the Quail:

No matter the type of quail species, feed baby quail and young quail a quail starter diet. Starter diet is essential for young baby quail because the growing birds need an extraordinary amount of protein as they grow. Starter quail feed has this, as well as other vitamins and nutrients that baby quail require. Feed baby quail the starter feed up to the age of 8 weeks.

Once your baby quail are 8 weeks old, switch what you’re feeding quail to a purpose-specific quail feed. If you are raising quail for meat, you should switch the quail to what is known as a finisher diet. This essentially helps nourish the quail until they are old enough to be killed, prepared and consumed. If you are raising quail for quail eggs or to breed quail, switch the quail feed to a developer quail food. Then, when the quail start to lay quail eggs, start feeding the quail a layer-specific quail feed.

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