How To Hunt Quail: Beginner’s Guide to Hunting Quail

Hunting quail is an interesting nature sport which seems to have declined over the years. Environmental conditions such as erratic changes in weather have made it more difficult for hunters to participate in the quail hunting season. So have changes in the quail’s nesting and brooding habits as an adaptation to human intrusion and changes in their habitat due to loss and lack of preservation.

Best months to hunt quail: Fall is the season when most people would hunt quail, but this time frame also depends on local and state regulations. Some areas permit quail hunting from October to May, while others restrict it only from December to January. Therefore, it’s important that you secure a permit and familiarize yourself with state regulations before you go a-hunting.

As to the time of day, early morning to just before midday and then late in the afternoon until early evening would be the ideal time. Quail retreat from the heat and rest during midday, that’s why.

While many people prefer to join the hunt at the peak of the season simply for the thrill of it, experienced quail hunters prefer the solitude and wait until after hunting season. They’d go very early, even before the break of dawn, hoping to catch a covey of quail in flight just before sunrise. If they’re new to the place, all the more they’d come early to check the area out with a trained eye.

Some beginners book a guided quail hunting expedition complete with a qualified guide and hunting dogs. Trained bird dogs come in useful for sniffing out the scent of quail during an adventure like this. Same as you, they also love the chase. A guided package could take an entire day or a weekend. Unless you’ve checked otherwise, it would be smart to bring your own rifle and ammo and make provisions for lodging and meals.

Where to hunt in the best locations for quail: Organizers of hunts would surely know where best to find quail a particular time of year. They would choose an open land area with some foliage and vegetation for feeding and a woody portion nearby for emergency flight and cover. That’s from the birds’ point of view.

Seasoned quail hunters aren’t afraid to try out new spots. Some would choose a rarely-used path or hunting ground with all the right conditions for quail to thrive.

If you go late in the season, you’d encounter snowy areas with limited brush cover and more chances of locating quail.

How to hunt quail: Be the early bird who gets the quail. Whether it’s an arranged or casual group you’re joining, come in ahead of time. Latecomers spoil the mood and momentum of any hunt.

The best way to hunt quail would be to do it quietly. Quail are nervous of any noise or movement, especially right after the hunting season has passed. You’d scare them off by playing any electronic gadgets or by firing unnecessarily.

Also make sure that you wear comfortable and appropriate protective clothing for walking through woody and thorny areas and for dealing with snowy or windy weather.

Hunting quail take patience. Enjoy the quiet time, your moments with nature, your first catch or sight of a covey in flight. These personal experiences are could be precious and life-changing for you.

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